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A Complete Guide to Whiskies

Looking for a complete guide to whiskey styles? Look no further: The Whiskey Cocktail Guide to America is exactly what you need. Here, we will take a quick look at the definition of each whiskey style and how to drink rye whiskey to best effect.

Bourbon whiskey drinkers are often known as “brown collared” or “bourbon eaters.” This image has been around for decades, but it has also recently been made popular in non bourbon circles (such as at restaurants). Basically, the term is used to describe those who prefer their whiskey with a bit of weight, warmth, and caramel flavor. For many, this is just about the perfect whiskey style. For those who like their whiskey light and crisp, on the other hand, it is not the way to go.

Straight whiskey drinkers enjoy a lighter whiskey. It is usually not flavored but contains more alcohol than does a mule, which is the lighter whiskey of choice for the less discriminating among us. Many straight whiskey drinkers enjoy the taste of a nice whiskey glass, plain and without any additives. The reason for this is because the alcohol in straight whiskey is much gentler on the palate. It is also simpler to drink: One swallow of a straight can get you down to the bottom of the barrel in minutes.

Irish whiskey drinkers enjoy a very intense flavor, thanks to the method of distillation that Irish whiskey makers use. The result is a whiskey with a high rye content and a flavor most suited for coffee, chocolate, or other strong tastes. Irish whiskey pairs well with chocolate – particularly Irish chocolate – and other strong-flavored foods. Some also find that it goes well with fruitcake. You might not think that this drink would work well together, but many do. It is a classic pairing.

Scotch whisky pairs well with many strong flavored food products: stew, chili, barbecue, steak, cheese, pudding, ice cream, coffee, and fruit-flavored drinks, just to name a few. It is also a great beverage to serve when you are feeling bold or experimenting with different flavors. Try a whiskey glass with a cherry or lemon wedge. Or try a whiskey barrel-aged cocktail. There are many possibilities.

American whiskey can be a good choice if you enjoy a smooth, gentle flavor. Many Americans enjoy whiskey, and you can have a variety of different tastes by choosing a whiskey style appropriate for your taste. You might enjoy a smooth, mellow whiskey; you might prefer a spicy one; you may like something that is a mixture of all of these. There are many options for everyone.

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