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A Guide to Buying Outdoor Cooking Appliances & Equipment

If you have decided to invest in a revamp of your outdoor living space, this article was written with you in mind. Now is certainly the right time to carry out improvements to the terrace and adding an outdoor kitchen is a wise long-term investment and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure the project is a resounding success.

  • Only the best will do – When looking at BBQ rangehoods, look for a well-known Australian brand that offers all the features you need. Stainless steel in construction, a top rangehood would incorporate electric extractor fans, honeycomb filters and a telescopic flue. The cabinets and sink unit should also be made from stainless-steel and the online supplier offers the best deals.
  • Comparing products and prices – The Internet hosts a wealth of information and it is very easy to compare products and prices, making sure that you get the best prices. Read the online product reviews, as these are a good indication of what to expect and always buy from Australian companies, to support our economy. Google is your best friend in this regard and can help you to find the best deals online.
  • Custom made – If space is an issue, having the cabinets and rangehood made to measure is the ideal solution and there are companies that offer a bespoke service. This is a one-off investment that will bring with it many benefits and with a 2-year warranty, you have total peace of mind.
  • Think Extraction – We all know how much smoke is generated when cooking on the BBQ, so it is important to have a rangehood with double extractor fans, preferably a commercial unit that is built to last. Without fan extraction, you are a slave to the wind and this could suddenly lead to your washing being engulfed in BBQ smoke. The right extraction removes the problem of smoke and with a custom built rangehoods, you have the perfect solution.
  • Check the warranty – When buying outdoor cooking equipment, make sure that you have a comprehensive product warranty; two years is the standard warranty period and with an Australian company, you can be sure of the best quality.

Start with a Google search and begin to browse the outdoor kitchen appliance and equipment suppliers and through a process of elimination, you should end up with the best possible solution. Some suppliers even offer low-interest loans to spread the cost over a few months.

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