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Tips For Choosing The Most Appropriate Oven for Your Bakery

Most people prefer baked food items for their breakfast and snack breaks. Baking is a dry type of cooking and produces tasteful, delicious snacks like bread, cookies, pies, and other pastry delicacies.

Investing in Capic ovens is a sure way of making a lucrative baking business. If you’re intending to purchase a commercial oven, it is critical to furnish yourself with essential information. Here’s how to choose a reliable oven for your bakery.

  1. The type of oven

There are many types of ovens in the market. Some are ideal for ordinary bakeries, while other types are the best for very busy snack joints. There are many reliable providers for combi oven industrial for restaurants and food joints. For instance, a conveyor oven cooks multiple food items within a short time but is quite expensive. On the other hand, a convection oven is relatively affordable but give unevenly cooked food items.

Other types of ovens are:

  • Deck oven
  • Standard oven
  • Steam oven
  • High-speed oven
  1. Define your fuel source

Industrial ovens use electricity or gas for fuel. What’s your preferred source of fuel, gas, electricity, or both? Both have advantages and disadvantages, so weigh your options before purchasing the appliance.

Gas-generated industrial ovens are relatively affordable. It is portable and therefore ideal for places where electricity isn’t reliable. Additionally, natural gas is more affordable than propane gas. Therefore, using natural gas makes more profit for your business than using propane.

Electric industrial ovens are easy and clean to use. You only need to connect the cooker to a power outlet to start cooking. Electric ovens produce evenly cooked snacks because the heat is evenly distributed. However, electricity is expensive and is not ideal in places where gas is affordable.

  1. Size and capacity

How much space have you dedicated to placing the oven in your kitchen? If you’ve limited space where the cooker will stand, you have to purchase a small oven. A commercial kitchen has sufficient space to place large oven units. On the other hand, a small bakery outlet must maximize the floor units for proper kitchen planning.

Secondly, think about the traffic you expect at the bakery. Are your products in high demand? You need to consider the volumes you produce against the demand to sufficiently meet your customers’ needs. The faster you serve your clients the better they gauge your services.

  1. The type of foods to bake

What type of food items do you intend to bake? Some items like soufflés, artisan bread, and custard desserts do well when cooked in deck industrial oven. These delicacies are best cooked using the conductive heat transfer from the stone to the food item. On the other hand, convectional heat circulation method is ideal for bread, cookies, and cakes.

  1. Ease of use

Working in an industrial bakery can be stressful. The best you can do for your pastry chefs is purchasing an oven that is easy to operate with the best results within a reasonable time. A conveyor oven is the best choice for an extremely busy food outlet. It can also reduce the need to hire many chefs to handle the customer’s orders.

It is crucial to define your needs before purchasing your ideal oven.

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