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Commercial Ovens; A guide into Buying and Factors to Consider

From ancient times, people cook different types of foods using the oven.  They are currently common in modern kitchens for commercial or personal use. However, most of the equipment in the market can be ideal for small businesses.

Residential Vs. Commercial Needs

Ovens differ in their power output and the heat it produces. The commercial woodfired ovens are modern inventions that are adaptable to everyday catering needs. On the contrary, the conventional ones are difficult to move and are ideal for the indoors. Let us look at some of the most popular types to choose from;

Standard Ovens

They are simple equipment that heat dishes from the bottom. It transmits heat all over the deck but remains unreliable for commercial use as it distributes the heat unevenly.  The equipment is easy to repair as most of its parts are not moving.

Conventional Ovens

This type of kitchen equipment distributes heat evenly in the chambers using fans to induce air circulation. They are ideal when baking many items as they cook faster than other types of ovens. Conventional ovens differ because of their specialized functionalities. Some of the market models inject steam into the chamber while baking bread for the dough to rise.

Other Types

Apart from the above types, other kinds of the oven are; steam ovens, conveyor ovens, and deck ovens. However, some new models are super-fast in food preparation. The high-speed equipment will take a third of the time it takes to cook using a standard one.

Tips to Purchasing a Commercial Oven

The type of oven to consider buying for a kitchen depends on the cooking needs. What you would use for large-scale bread production is not what you will think for a small restaurant. Here are some factors to consider when wanting to buy a commercial oven;


Since ovens differ in their functions, choose an oven that will cook the food you want. You can buy a versatile one if you will be using it in a restaurant to prepare different kinds of dishes. Have professional advice on the best equipment for the chef’s menu.


The dimensions of an oven will determine the capacity of food to cook at a go. For commercial uses, select the ones that can serve the intended customers with ease.

Energy Consumption

Consider the ultimate cost of using an oven before purchasing it. Although there is a tag on the price, there is no indication of the cost of energy it consumes. However, companies manufacturing the equipment will rate their equipment. Look for the specifications to determine the energy-efficient equipment to use.


Every investment takes into account the cost. Complicated ovens will fetch higher prices than standard ones. When shopping for an oven, keep in mind the budget and stick to it. There will always be a more expensive model, and you need to buy it if you can afford it. Otherwise, there is likely to be no returns on the investment.


It is essential to choose reliable ovens for commercial purposes. Downtime in the equipment can lead to huge losses.

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