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Why You Need To Give Rosaluna A Shot

When you choose to indulge, you typically have a drink in mind. But have you ever decided to look at what you drink and what it consists of? Is it mostly water, mostly sugar, or has agave? Are you unsure? Here is the thing, instead of choosing to go with the status quo on your beverage choice, why not go for something more refined and that you know what is in it. This is why you should consider Rosaluna Mezcal.

Rosaluna Mezcal is an all-natural Mezcal made from different types of agave fermented in the rolling hills of Santiago, Matatlán, which is considered to be the heartland of mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico. Rosaluna was created out of love for the spirit of agave and embedded in the fundamental conviction that mezcal should not just be one thing, but many things (in terms of taste).

Here are four reasons why you need to give Rosaluna a shot:

It Is All-natural

While most alcoholic beverages contain artificial ingredients, Rosaluna Mezcal does not. It is made purely with agave and water. This makes it:

  • Gluten-free
  • No-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Zero Carb
  • Plant-based
  • Carbon Neutral

Rosaluna Mezcal is made from 100% aged agave, making it all-natural and additive-free. Tequila is also made from agave, and it only has to be 51% agave to be sold as tequila in the US. This means that because you drink 100% agave tequila, which can be expensive, there’s a fair risk that you’ll drink up to 49% additives (which can be who knows what). These ingredients can be high in sugar, salts, or other things.


Rosaluna Mezcal has been handcrafted for six generations. That alone speaks volumes about the processes used because, much like people share stories to keep memories alive, they keep the naturalness of the spirit of Rosaluna alive.

It is Not Your Ordinary Tequila

While both Mezcals and Tequilas are made from Agave, tequila is made with just one. And while you may be thinking all agave plants are the same, that is not true at all. There are more than 50 species of agave, and Mezcals can be made and are made with several different agaves.

The other noted difference is the way it is “cooked.” Tequila is known to be steamed, while Rosaluna Mezcal is roasted. Personally, wouldn’t you prefer a savory roasted taste over no taste at all? The roasted flavor and the natural sweetness of the agave make it perfect for any drink.

To Diet or Not To Diet

Dieting is hard, whether it is for weight loss, allergies, or lifestyle changes like deciding to no longer eat meat, be gluten-free, or even becoming a strict vegan. When it comes to indulging in a good happy hour or to drink at parties or events socially, the choices for alcoholic beverages become less and less (and dare I say, sometimes non-existent).

Here is why you should give Rosaluna Mezcal a shot! There are no added ingredients or sweeteners, and it has zero carbohydrates and zero gluten.  Plus, since Rosaluna Mezcal is made with 100% agave and water, it is healthier for you despite being a liquor. The agave plant has many reported health benefits, though the magnitude is still unknown. But Agave includes saponins, which can help lower cholesterol levels, and it is also believed that saponins can prevent the growth of cancerous tumors.

In the end, all this boils down to lifestyle, choice, and moderation. But why drink unnaturally when you can have natural. If you drink wine because it’s good for you, why not drink a glass of Rosaluna Mezcal. After all, it is good for you, too.

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