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How Does Keto Help With Weight Loss?

Keto diets have become highly popular. People are constantly sharing their weight loss results on social media. Every magazine at the supermarket checkout seems to have a feature about keto advertised on its cover. This diet has taken the world by storm, and there is no shortage of great reasons why. Keto is popular because it’s so effective. It helps with weight loss on multiple levels, and many people looking to reach their fitness goals find that keto is incredibly easy to follow.

Adapting to Burning Fat

Losing weight and burning fat are one in the same. In order to take the pounds off the scale, you need to take the fat off your body. Many people struggle with other diets, as they cause slower weight loss or water loss that quickly comes back after a few weeks. Keto targets fat specifically. Keto weight loss may involve the loss of some water weight as a natural process of the body shedding pounds, but the bulk of what dieters are burning is pure fat.

Your body’s first instinct is to use up the carbs you eat as a primary fuel source Fat is reserved as a last resort. When you aren’t eating enough carbs to power your body, it has to use fat as a fuel source. When your diet is primarily fat, your body adapts to burning fat almost exclusively. This is not just the fat that you eat, but the fat on your body.

People who are primarily dieting for weight loss find that they experience expedited results with keto. When you begin keto, you’ll find that your body takes a little while to adapt. Once it adapts, fat loss begins to happen quickly. It only slows with time as your body has less fat to pull from, which is the same phenomenon that everyone encounters at the “last ten pounds” stage of every weight loss journey.

Higher Energy Levels

The majority of people who adhere to a ketogenic diet report that their energy levels are higher. Fat is a great source of fuel, and it’s unlikely to cause bloating or lethargy like carbohydrate heavy diets have a tendency to do. When you’ve entered a state of ketosis, your body is constantly burning fat like gas. You’re always revved and ready to go.

These higher energy levels make it easy to combine exercise with diet. A lower calorie diet may throttle energy levels due to fatigue. Keto takes you in the opposite direction. When you have more energy for cardiovascular exercise, you’ll find burning extra calories to be substantially easier. By combining keto with cardio, you’ll reach your weight loss goals much sooner than you would through diet alone.

Easy to Manage Diet

A lot of the reason people fall out of diets is because they hate what they’re eating. All of the flavor in food comes from fat, and if you aren’t getting a lot of fat in your calorie controlled diet, you’re likely to find that you’re miserable. You want food that tastes good. You want to enjoy what you’re eating.

Keto involves a lot of meat, cheese, and oils. Since there is so much flavor and versatility in the diet, you’re not likely to miss bland carbs like bread. Pizza, burgers, tacos, burritos, and even cake can easily be adapted to fit a ketogenic diet. You’re never going to miss anything, so you won’t feel nearly as tempted to break protocol and lose progress.


Keto is the perfect weight loss solution for people who have had trouble with other diets and want to lose weight quickly. It’s simple to follow and fairly intuitive once you get the hang of it. If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose and you don’t want to give up most of the things you love to eat, you’ll find that keto has a lot to offer you.

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