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The Ultimate Checklist for Buying a Waffle Maker

If you love waffles, then you know the wonders they can do. The best thing about waffles is that they are flexible. You can eat them for breakfast, as a snack or dessert. That means you need a quality waffle maker if you want to enjoy fresh waffles all the time. If you want to buy a professional waffle maker, it is just the same as buying one for your personal use. However, you need to know the important features you ought to check if you want to buy the best professional waffle maker. Remember, there are over 600 types of waffle makers, and that is just overwhelming if you have to choose from all of them. This article will narrow down for you the crucial features you need to check when buying your waffle maker.

  • Old or New

You can choose to buy the modern or old-fashioned maker, depending on what you want. Each of these two options has its pros and cons. So, before you decide on one, make sure you research them. Remember, each option has its unique features too. Research and decide on what you want.

  • Ease of Cleaning

This is a very crucial point you cannot ignore. The way you maintain your machine can determine the quality of waffles you get. Therefore, as you plan to keep your kitchen clean and all that, make sure your appliances are easy to clean too. The machine has gaps and holes. Crumbs and batter get stuck all the time. So, cleaning is very important. Make sure you choose one that is detachable to help you clean the inside well.

  • Size of the Waffle Maker

When deciding on the size, two factors will influence your decision. That is the number of people who will need the waffle and the ease of storage. If it is a commercial waffle maker, then you need a machine that can make at least several waffles and a time.

  • Type of Waffles

Waffle makers come in different makes, and you can pick one based on the type of waffles you want to be making. You can buy one for fluffy waffles or one for thinner waffles if that is how you like them. Remember, sites like Amazon have varieties of these. You will also need to pick the right size based on the amount of space you have.

  • Warranty

Have you ever bought an appliance only to have it malfunction after some days? This can be frustrating, and you have two options. You can either let it go or call the product provider. However, the second option will only work if you bought a machine that comes with a warranty. Appliances tend to break down a lot. So, choose one with a warranty of 1-3 years.

  • Ready Indicator

These machines have indicators that will always alert you when you switch on the machine and when your waffles are ready. Choose an appliance with enough indicators for each purpose.


Choosing a waffle maker from the pool of options does not have to be hectic. You only need to know the right place to look. The above are vital features you must check when buying one.

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