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What Is Keto Bread and Why You Need It

The keto diet is one of the trendiest diets right now. And it is no wonder why with all of the success stories. 

The Keto diet is a lifestyle change that requires you to eat low carb and high fat. The most successful keto dieters pretty much have to cut out carbs all together by eating less than 30 grams of carbs per day.

This diet means absolutely no bread. Most bread these days is overly processed. It is made with highly processed white flour, large amounts of highly processed white sugar, and filled with preservatives so it can last on the shelf at the market and last in your cabinet at home. 

In most cases, there isn’t much nutritional difference between white bread and whole-wheat bread. Whole-wheat bread is so incredibly processed there is almost zero nutritional value to be found.

Can you imagine a world without sandwiches? A world without toast? This is where keto bread can change your life and help enrich your diet. What if you could be keto and have your bread too?

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Keto Bread

1. Regular Bread is Incredibly High Carbs

The average single piece of bread can have 13 net grams of carbohydrates, with the average keto dieter consuming less than 20-30 grams of carbs. Eating a sandwich on regular bread would equal almost 26 carbs leaving no room for the carbs found in the cheeses and veggies you’d like to include in your sandwich build. 

To be successful at your keto diet, you have to give up meals from your regular routine that make life easier. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Keto bread only has 2 net carbs per slice. That means you can simply toast this bread and load it on up with all the good stuff. Depending on what you pack your sandwich with, your sandwich’s keto bread will only total 4 grams of carbohydrates—leaving lots of room for cheese, lettuce, mayo, and all the toppings! 

2. Most Homemade Keto Alternatives to Bread Don’t Taste or Feel much Like Bread.

There are hundreds of recipes on Pinterest for the perfect keto alternatives to sliced bread. The most notable are keto cloud bread and chaffles.

Both of these recipes involve lots of egg yolks and cheese as the base with just a touch of almond flour. They even require the use of a microwave, which can absolutely defeat the purpose of eating healthy, to begin with.

Yes, these “breads” can help break up the monotony in a pinch, but they are not really bread, they are not suitable for all bread-based meals. They are eggy in texture and flavor and they just don’t have a lot of nutritional value.

Keto bread is made with three fiber powerhouses that actually add nutritional value, flavor, and texture to the keto bread. These three ingredients are — almond flour, psyllium husk, and golden flaxseed.

3. Meal Prepping Without Carbs Requires Countless Steps and Ingredients and Takes Planning and Time.

Yes, there are so many meal and recipe options out there, but meal prepping without carbs is always a multi-step situation, and it can be easy to get it wrong. 

Prepping meals for the week gets old and takes a lot of time. It is incredibly hard to quickly make a keto meal without just settling for a salad or cubed cheese and nuts. 

Imagine you are eating yet another salad on lunch break, while your neighbor chows down on an epic panini. You can’t get over the desire to simply just make a sandwich and be done with your meal prep.

With keto bread this no longer has to be the case!

Keto Bread Is the Best Option for a Healthy Lifestyle

You are already making the decision to take your health by the reins. Why depend on alternatives that lack nutrition and flavor?

Keto bread is versatile, quick, healthy, and tastes delicious. No more searching through the fridge or the cabinet with no idea what to eat. Simply adding this keto bread into your diet will save you so much time and break up a boring meal plan without subtracting any nutritional value.

Keto bread is made with healthy ingredients like apple cider vinegar and is packed with fiber and flavor. It is ready to go in seconds or can be transformed into once outlawed delicacies like French toast or a simple, but satisfying sandwich. 

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