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What are the different types of sushi

When ordering sushi in a Japanese restaurant or sushi bar, you can identify the different types of sushi rolls, but can you really pronounce them? Experienced sushi travelers will know that there are different types of “sushi rolls,” each of which has cylindrical shapes that differ in shape, size, color, texture, and even the shape of the rice itself. 

There are many different types of sushi, but they are all the same, although some, like nigiri, are more like sashimi. In Japan, rice and other ingredients are wrapped in dried seaweed in a sushi roll and often made from a combination of rice, sesame oil, soy sauce or other spices. Sushi is also often wrapped in seaweed, so there is a different “sushi” variant for each of these varieties. Some of the different types of sushi rolls generally available in Japan and the US are filled in the West with a variety of different ingredients, some of which are contained in seaweed such as maki. 

To help you learn these different types of sushi, we start with the most famous – nigiri sushi, maki sushi. There are a lot of different sushi restaurants in the US and other parts of the world, so I hope to teach you where each sushi comes from and that they exist all over the world, not just in Japan. For more information about Maki Sushi and its various variants, please visit our Makis S Sushi page. 

Nigiri sushi is served with rice, which is topped with a different type of seafood, typically fish. Nigiri is a sushi in which raw fish is thinly sliced and added with a pinch of wasabi. Unlike other sushi like maki, which are rolled in seaweed, nigiri are vinegar – flavored rice topped with sliced fish and a variety of toppings such as ketchup, soy sauce, sesame oil, etc. Nigiri sushi is a type of sushi made of sushi rice mixed with vinegar, sugar and salt. Chirashi Zushi (streusushi) is the same as nigiri, but mixed with fish and other ingredients. It is a bowl of sushi rice with various toppings and it is simply a mixture of fish, rice, salt, vinegar and sugar with some fish or other ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, ginger or other spices. 

Nigiri sushi, which contains softer, more casual ingredients such as salmon roe, is a little more difficult. The sushi you see when you order sushi in sushi bars and restaurants in the US and other parts of the world is the type and shape of Gunkan Maki. 

Maki sushi is usually made with various fillings, which can be chicken, pork, beef, chicken breast or even a variety of other fish species. Sashimi is raw fish that is sliced and served as it is, while “sushi” is fish served on a ball of rice that may have some extra ingredients. It is usually made in a piece of nori and consists of different types of meat, fish and / or vegetables, and various toppings, which can be either rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, ketchup, sesame oil, etc. 

For this type of sushi most people like to argue the name but we’ll let you decide if its  Sushi rolls vs hand rolls. Sushi, which in Japan is  called maki sushi or algae rolls. In other words, unakyu rolls are sushi rolls made of raw fish wrapped in nori (seaweed or paper). A sushi roll covered in sashimi is usually a Californian roll made from crab and avocado. 

A type of sushi wrapped in nori (seaweed) is called makizushi, which literally means “sushi roll.” Maki refers to the process of making Makisu or using a bamboo mat to roll sushi. Rice and ingredients are rolled in nori- or seaweed, which is then cut into small pieces. Makiz sushi is also known as norimaki and is also called maki sushi or seaweed roll in Japan. 

This type of sushi is also known as boxed sushi or hakozushi And it is a specialty of Osaka in western Japan. Makizushi is available in many different restaurants in Japan, but it is not the sushi that is served in Japanese sushi restaurants. The third most popular type of ushi in the US is Inari sushi And all three were found at sushi restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other parts of the country. 

It consists of a sushi rice ball seasoned with rice vinegar and topped with a slice of raw fish. It is a kind of nigiri sushi, made with rice balls and rice seasoning, salt, vinegar, sugar and some other ingredients. Sources: 1

Sushi is generally used for vegetables and nori (seaweed), which are then rolled to be cut into small pieces. The vegetables are wrapped in noris (algae leaves), which are roasted, and then the fish is sliced. 

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