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Discover the 4 known merits of Duck meat

For nutrition purposes, there are many people that defer duck meat over red meat or other sources of meat. Unlike chicken meat, duck meat is dark but rather moist than chicken. There is also great difference in how a duck breastbone meat tastes that differs from the meat on thighs and legs of the duck. Other eatable parts of the duck include gizzard, the duck legs, the liver, and the heart. Duck has for centuries now been a source of fats for many communities especially the breastbone part that is rich in a number of nutrients. The eggs of ducks are also very rich in proteins and as a person living an active lifestyle; they can be a good source of nutrients.

Pan-fried duck breast recipe

For this cooking session, you will need 2 duck breasts and knob of butter.


  1. Score the duck breasts to make cuts on the skin surface but careful not to make deep cuts
  2. Commence the seasoning of the meat well before you let it cool at room temperatures
  • Place the fatty side of the duck breastbone on a pan and begin frying to allow for the melting of the fat on the meat. The process might take you anything from 10-15 minutes as you melt all the possible white fat on the meat that you can. You should also collect the excess fats onto another container to use for roasting purposes later.
  1. Depending on the cooking style you prefer, start with turning the breastbone meat on the pan and add butter to it before you commence swirling. Fry it for about 5 minutes until your duck breastbone is brown in color. To ascertain the swirling, make sure the meat springs back upon pressure and also feels soft.
  2. The other cooking option allows you to heat the oven to about 1800C and cook your breast bone for about 6 minutes.
  3. Upon cooking, allow your duck breast to rest before you serve it for eating.

Precautions to take

It is easy to get the recipe wrong especially when you do not have the right ingredients for the procedure. Consider not just using the right ingredients but also the right measurements of the same just to make sure you achieve the desired taste with your breastbone. There are also other techniques of cooking and frying your breastbone that you can check out for diversity purposes.

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